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Operational Mission

The NA Prince Natural Resource Asset Trust, consisting of vast Holding Tracts of Hardwood and Pine Tree Farms. This profit holding Estate Trust servers as the Principal Trust, as decreed, to support, the Private NEAL PRINCE CHARITABLE AETUS FOUNDATION, which provides the funding for various Art’s and Theater Programs in Texas. All Tracts, being those timber tracts are being held and operated in a for profit manner; however, we also recognize and acknowledge that Forestry can be profitable without clear cutting. Due to vast weather changes and decreases of rain fall, we have redefined our mission to work with nature in a manner of selective cuts and permit natural growth to occur, with the minimum amount of chemicals and foreign substances that would harm the balance of nature and the vast ecosystems that supported by our vast holdings. Our Tracts may be vast, our for profit mission has become simple, permit natural growth and harvest what is only necessary without harming the ecosystem at large. And in the long term, the worlds ecosystems benefits as a whole.