Neal A. Prince, AIA, ASID, New York, New York, United States  

Neal A. Prince

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This site reflects the Biographical Material, Correspondences, Artwork, Writings and Notes, Printed Material and Photographs of Mr. Prince's and his family's estate dating from 1880 to 2013. Found within the papers, but not limited to, are biographical materials, personal business records, files documenting his vast collections, writings, art work, Worlds Fair Collection, various scrapbooks, printed materials including exhibition and auction materials of his holdings, and documentation of his miscellaneous artifacts that the Prince Estate Trust are held within. The collection also contains a vast numerous photographs and documentation of family members, Irl Mowery, Herbert Waide Hemphill, Jr., friends and colleagues, travel, and art work. 


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Curriculum Vitae Summary of Mr. Prince:



Architect Emeritus, ASID

Curriculum Vitae






b. Corsicana, Texas, 1921; son, Fred Douglas (in the Oil and Gas Industry, was widely known as "FD Prince") and Opal T. Prince; mar. Frances Wooters Denman, October 7, 1944 (div. 1951); 2 sons, Neal Denman Prince, b. 1946 & Peyton Denman Prince, b. 1949 (grandchildren, Justin Prince, b. 1982 and Allyson Prince, b. 1986);  1950-1967 associated with Herbert Waide Hemphill, Jr.; 1969-1991 associated with George Kocyk.


1934-38 Corsicana High School, Graduated 1938
1938-433 Rice University, Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering


1944-46, served to 1st Lt. 39th Combat of Engineers HQ, United States Army;
1947-48, Architect, Ernest L. Shultz Architect, Houston, Texas;
1949, Playwright and Business Manager,
Houston Little Theatre
, Houston, Texas;
1950, Director, Wyndham Playhouse,
New Hampshire;
1950-53, Architect,
York & Sawyer Architects
New York, New York;
1954-57, Architect and Designer,
 Schoen & Hennessy Architects,
New York, New York;
1958-60, Chief Architect and Designer,
 Walter M. Ballard Corporation,
New York, New York;
1961-85 Vice President Interior & Graphic Design Division,
Pan-Am / Inter-Continental Hotels Corporation
1986-00 President, Prince Hotels Development, PHD, Inc., New York, New York;
2001-Present, International Interior Designer Consultant to the Hospitality Industry





American Institute of Architects,

Texas Board of Architectural Examiners



American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)


(Previously National Society of Interior Designers (1957-1975)

(Previously American Interior Designers (1949-1957))


Actor's Equity Association (1950-Present)


National Association of Royalty Owners

(2010-Present) National Association of Royalty Owners (2010-Present)

(FD Prince Oil and Gas Mineral Estate)


American Forest Foundation (AFF)


(Prince Forestry Estate Trust, Talco Texas)



Neal Prince, A.I.D., N.S.I.D. (A.S.I.D.), has received numerous awards for various International Interior Designs, including Institutions Magazine awards for the outstanding Interior Designs of the Hotel Inter-Continental Genève, Geneva, Switzerland and the Hotel Siam Inter-Continental Bangkok, Thailand.



In 2000, Mr. Prince was introduced as a candidate for consideration to be nominated in being inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame by Ms. Trisha Wilson, ASID.




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